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Free whiteboard, web and VLE activities

These activities allow you to create true multimedia activities without having to download any specialised software. The simple (completely text based) activities can be modified with any plain text editor (Windows Notepad, BB Edit etc), while the more advanced versions need you to supply your own jpeg images and mp3 files.

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Flash XML Hangman Template

This version of the classic activity allows you to set two additional options, the number of "tries" before the man is hanged and also whether they can have a clue.

Hangman screenshotExample activity

Download template


Flash Spelling Activity

Just type in a list of words for this show, cover, test activity.

Spelling activity screen shotExample activity

Download template



Hexagon Grid Board

A very simple whiteboard team activity. Students have to make a path across the grid by answering questions correctly, and stop their opponents from doing the same thing. This activity comes as an .exe file so it will fill an entire screen.

hexagon grid




XML Vocab Cards

Vocab cards screenshotMake a list of up to 12 words with their associated definitions. The student learns instantly if their answer is correct.