Parapal Design Flash

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Multimedia learning object authoring software

Parapal Hotspots

Select any jpeg photo or diagram, define active regions (hotspots), label them and then save the results to rapidly create interactive labeling activities. Useful for subjects from basic literacy to medicine, or from floristry to construction they will also send tracking data back to SCORM compliant virtual learning environments.

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Mobile Exercises

Hotspots authoring program screenshot

  • Features:-
  • Uses standard jpeg images (can also use Flash vector diagrams)
  • Simple authoring process
  • Variety of exercise options (test mode, spelling mode, drag and drop mode, visible hotspots mode)
  • SCORM compliant
  • £20 for a single user licence.

Example exercises and trial download

Demonstration video


Parapal jpeg jigsaw

Use any jpeg image to create jigsaw type activities. Originally designed for use by primary or Entry Level learners, this has now been further developed to allow a greater level of difficulty.

Jigsaw screenshot


  • Features:-
  • Use any jpeg or swf image
  • Set a level of tolerance for "snapping" if the piece is nearly in the right place.
  • Set the number of pieces in the grid.



Parapal Suite

Primarily designed for language learning this is a suite of ten different text based exercises.

Parapal Multiple Choice screenshot

  • Fill in the gap (cloze)
  • Proofread
  • Delete the extra words
  • Word order exercise
  • Sentence order exercise
  • Paragraph order exercise
  • Multiple choice (2 versions)
  • Drag and drop vocabulary

Parapal-Suite Pages

Total Cloze

This free download allows you to make fill in the gap (cloze) exercises quickly and simply with a variety of options.