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Free Online English Lessons to improve your listening, writing, reading, vocabulary and grammar skills.


Custom Flash Templates, Authoring Systems, Learning Objects and Actionscript Source Code

We can create almost any type of learning interaction you can imagine.
Hangman code and download
Spelling activity
Vocabulary cards
Alphabet jigsaw

Free Software

A range of 8 different types of exercise that can be used to create lessons and courses. Designed from classroom observation to help with common language learning problems.
Also Hotspots authoring activity and punctuation template.

Free cloze authoring software

Make your first cloze exercise in less than 5 minutes! Download this simple to use cloze authoring software. It will make a range of very flexible exercises from your texts. They will run on your PC, on a network or on a web page.

Free Flash Web Page add-ins (MP3 Players etc)

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