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Graph exercisesIELTS Style Graph Exercises

Advice for using Parapal.

Enrolments graph (good intermediate and up). This a description of some statistical information about the number of students in a school. It has a graph which goes with it.
Cloze exercise. To finish (or to start, if you don't know much about graphs), you can do this gap filling exercise. You will practise articles and prepositions.
Proofreading. Test your proofreading skills with this exercise. There are some problems with word forms, third person s, prepositions et cetera.
Text ordering exercise. Try this to see if you can arrange the sentences in order. It will teach you about the structure of a graph description.
Multiple choice vocabulary. Choose the correct item of vocabulary for each gap.
Drag and Drop vocabulary. This will help you learn the vocabulary for describing a graph.

Use of consumer goods in the UK (good intermediate and up). This is a description of a graph showing the increasing use of consumer goods (TVs, washing machines etc.) in the UK.
Text ordering exercise. Put the text in order.
Cloze exercise. Practice your prepositions.